About Us

Here at Squid Markets we’re passionate about great food and a sustainable future. Over 10% of the UK’s net carbon emissions derive from overseas food chains supplying the UK. By bringing our food production ‘in-house’, we significantly reduce our impact on the environment, we support the UK’s artisan food industry predominantly made up of small independent businesses, and you consume fresher produce with higher nutritional value.

Sound good? We’re not done yet, let’s talk about plastic. We're in the process of working with all our producers on reducing and eliminating the plastic consumed through their operations. Unfortunately this isn’t always viable, but where there’re no alternatives we ensure our producers are utilising the most widely recycled alternative, often HDPE, the most widely recycled plastic in use. It’s easy to look at all our operations at face value, but behind the scenes they’re thriving eco-economies delivering a real on-the-ground contribution to the climate fight.

So, how do we deliver our mission? We celebrate the incredible British food industry through running a network of food markets. Markets offer a platform for primary producers to sell their produce at a fair price whilst reducing global food mileage and celebrating great British food. By shopping with us you're supporting our mission to guide small businesses through making sustainable changes, whilst at the same time supplying our customers, you, with high quality, fresh, seasonal produce. In a nutshell, we provide a sustainable solution to the complex world of conventional food shopping. 

With the new Netflix documentaries Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy, we have been made to feel guilty, daunted and doomed about the future of our planet. Well we’re here to change that, it is exciting, it is important, and it is possible. This is our mission statement.

Good markets doing good things. 

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