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A New Business for A New World...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

As a Zeroo subscriber you’ll get an inside track on our operations here, including first hand updates on Wapping Open-Air Market, our sustainability adventures and all our new exciting projects launching in 2021. It’s going to be a great year here, and we’re so pleased to have you on board.

Our first exciting project is Wapping Open-Air Market launching on 3rd April 2021. Here at Zeroo we’re keen foodies with a passion for a sustainable environment, and we know you are too! So we’ve created a platform for our customers to shop the highest quality produce, without the necessity to feel guilty about the products environmental impact. Locally sour ed, responsibly packaged. This vision will be carried out across all our projects, and sits right at the heart of what we do.

We invite all traders with high quality produce to be a part of our markets, regardless of their current policy on waste. All we ask for is a willingness to participate in our mission, and a willingness to take proactive steps towards a sustainable operation. With this strategy, the more traders we collaborate with, the more sustainable our industry becomes. We have a goal of ridding any plastic that comes into our markets within 3 months, and we’ve already started working with our traders to deliver on this.

Zeroo does not supply just a more sustainable alternative to traditional supermarkets, it’s also a more personal, interactive and engaging experience-based business. All of our traders have their own stories, personalities and unique products that they’ll be eager to share with you.

It’s great to see everyone as excited as we are about the launch of Wapping Docklands Market. Please keep passing on our social media handles to your friends and family so we can broaden our reach and our message to a wider audience (wapping_market | zero0_1020). We’re an exciting new company for what will soon become an exciting new world and we’re looking forward to meeting you all in April.

Hold fast, stay safe, and we’ll see you by the big red bridge on the water very soon...

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