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A Plastic Eating Monster. Welcome, to The Interceptor.

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Rivers are responsible for 80% of ocean plastic pollution, so lets create something that cleans up our rivers before they enter the global ocean currents. A thought The Ocean Cleanup had prior to creating their solar powered river cleaner, appropriately named ‘The Interceptor’.

Launched in October 2019, The Interceptor was, and very much still is, an impressive new river cleanup vessel powered entirely by the sun. But let me hand you over to them for a more fruitful introduction to the project:

So not just practical, not just an engineering marvel but also a design masterpiece. Style over substance? Nope. When in operation The Interceptor is armed to collect 50,000 kg (9,000 st.) of plastic waste every day.

I hope you share my reaction when I read that last week, what an astonishing achievement. An inspiration to take forward for anyone looking to volunteer, work or start a business in aid of the ocean plastic challenge. It is going to take small, medium and large businesses, government policies, community initiatives and so much more to combat the plastic conundrum. These wonderful ideas then need to cover the whole plastic economic cycle, we need people working with production, people working with consumers (that’s us), and people working with the existing problem we have created (that’s The Ocean Cleanup).

Critically, however, to wholly invest in a sustainable circular plastics economy we need educators. I’m so pleased to say it seems this job is being done fantastically in the UK. Children care. From my research and existing knowledge I believe we have fantastic generation growing up who are eager to be part of the solution across all aspects of climate pollution. Be that revitalising our oceans and solving the plastic crisis, working on reducing our co2 emissions, protecting our remaining wilderness and many more. Hopefully this educaction will inspire them to seek a future career in the industry and they’ll join the solution for a brighter future.

What does a brighter future look like for Zeroo? A brighter future looks like utilising the already existing compostable packaging market as a base to build a sustainable packaging cycle. A brighter future looks like 20 of our sustainable markets full of customers, so we can reinvest our profits into the high street market, broadening our offering, and our message to a wider audience. A brighter future looks like a planet where humans have engineered practical solutions to live in harmony with the natural world.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re interested in finding out more about Zeroo please follow our social media pages linked in the top right hand corner of our website, and sign up for email updates at the bottom. Our first market will be opening soon, stay tuned!

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