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Great British Food Reigns Supreme

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our blog, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it! Strap in, I think this is the most exciting blog we’ve ever done…

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Let’s set the scene. Great Taste, the largest and most trusted food and drink awards on the planet, will be revealing their Supreme Champion 2021 on Sunday 17th October. After the initial 14,000 entries, only 218 have been awarded 3 stars. Out of that 218, 33 are then nominated to win one of 14 Great Taste Golden Fork Trophy’s. The final 14 are then in with a chance of scooping the top honour, The Great Taste Supreme Champion 2021. Still with me? In short, it’s a big deal, the BAFTA’s of the food industry.

So what’s all this got to do with Zeroo/in particular Wapping Market? Well, we’re proud to announce that not one, but two of the final 33 nominees trade with us every week. The wonderfully eccentric Uli from The Krafty Braumeister and his Schwarz & Weiss beer have been nominated, and the legendary Nicolas Hansen along with his talented team of fresh pasta aficionados have been nominated for their spectacular Black Truffle and Ricotta Tortelloni.

Of the 33 nominees, I think it’s worth noting that 31 are from the UK and Ireland, a staggering 94%. This is a global competition, and these results show how much the UK food industry has to give. Here

at Zeroo that gets us very excited about our wider mission, and we would like to pass on our thanks and congratulations to Nicolas, Uli and their teams. We’re looking forward to working with The Krafty Braumeister and La Tua Pasta for many years to come.

British produce reigns supreme, let’s celebrate it. Live sustainably, shop local, eat well.

Thank you for reading the third in our new weekly blog series. What do you think we should do if one of our producers wins a Golden Fork Trophy (or even Supreme Champion!)? Tell us in the comments… If you enjoyed this blog remember to comment and click the heart! Finally, don’t forget to follow our social media handles below to gain an inside track on all our operations here at Zeroo:

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