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Producer Spotlight Series - S1, E1 - The Story

Welcome to our new ‘Producer Spotlight’ series, where every other week we introduce you to one of our producers giving you an inside track on their story and ambitions. This week we are featuring, a passionately healthy start-up run by Janet and Orli who’ve been neighbors and friends for over 20 years. I met them in Wimbledon Village Market on a cold winters day, and this episode is all about their story.

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Meet the lovely Janet and Orli, the founders of (grammar fans, it’s a lowercase f for a reason apparently). They have been neighbours and friends for over 20 years and their love of food has brought them together. Healthy eating has always been important to them, caring for their families and friends has made them appreciate the importance of good food and nutrition.

‘Our message is simply this "Eat Good to Feel Good". A well-balanced diet provides all of the energy needed to keep active throughout the day. Nutrients are required for growth and repair, helping you to stay healthy and preventing diet-related illness. It is now known that your brain interacts with your gut which is known as, the Gut Brain Axis; one feeds the other. The two together provide information on how digestion, mood, health and thinking patterns are all interconnected. That might sound a bit sciencey, but it’s important, what we eat and how we cook helps to keep our bodies at peak performance’. was born out of a shared passion for locally sourced seasonal ingredients. ‘With family members having been diagnosed with Lactose intolerance and malabsorption we have adopted a healthy low FODMAP lifestyle. We believe that simple, tasty, nutritious and healthy food can go hand in hand. This is what we'd love to share with you’. are stocking their wonderful selection of granolas and energy bites every Saturday at Wapping Docklands Market. Take a look at the photo below! Since the market has launched I’ve been having breakfasts, aside from being bloody delicious I also seem to be running faster... don’t believe me? Why not try it yourself?

Closing questions:

What does the future look like for Food Smart?

Since the launch of foodsmart we have been completely delighted with the number of returning customers week on week with their own tupperware/granola jars from their kitchens….. and it's steadily growing. We also love the encouraging feedback we receive from them and we know that our message is getting out ‘loud and clear’.

We are enthusiastic to continue with this message and we are working on other projects including educational seminars on food/nutrition. Please keep an eye on for exciting and upcoming new features and developments which will be announced on the website. Our goal: to have our lowFODMAP healthy delicious Granola in the re-fill health food stores and in the supermarkets. Watch this space!!

At the moment we are limiting our presence to two fabulous markets, on Saturdays find us at Wapping Docklands Market 10am-4pm and each Sunday we can be found at the Wimbledon Village Market 10am-3pm. Hail or Shine!!

Where can you find FoodSmart?

Website -

Instagram -

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Catch you next time subscribers!

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