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Producer Spotlight Series - S1, E3 - Jacks Bakery

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our ‘Producer Spotlight’ series, where every other week we introduce you to one of our producers giving you an inside track on their story and ambitions.

This week we are featuring Jacks Bakery, a passionate baker who fell into the industry through a shock sell-out in the office bake-off. ‘Motivated by the complimentary reactions of my colleagues, I developed a keen taste for baking’. In 2016, after much deliberation and planning Jack launched the business, and this weeks blog is all about his story.

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As many of you know we launched our project at Wapping on 17th April. On that day we were approached by a lovely lady named Lorraine, who asked us for some contact details she could pass onto her son who ran a local bakery. Her son, enter Jack, got in touch with us the following week and after reviewing the frankly x-rated content on his instagram (jacks.bakery), we were keen to get Jacks Bakery involved in our project. His family actually moved out of Wapping when he was 4, so a return to the area for Jack, albeit in a different capacity.

In 2013 Jacks passion for baking formed by accident after being persuaded to take part in the office bake off, ‘his chocolate brownies were a stand out performer’. Motivated by the complimentary reactions of his colleagues, he continued baking in his spare time not knowing that the foundations had been laid for a future business.

A year on in 2014 Jack put his newly found skills to the test in that years office bake-off. The brief, to create ‘the craziest cake’. Jack baked a pizza cake, the ingredients of which can only be described by himself. ‘I used a round vanilla sponge as the base, red icing for the tomato puree, white chocolate for the cheese, wine gums for the olives, ferrero rochers for meat and I sliced marshmallows for mushrooms’. After what Jack describes as ‘a tricky and tense tube journey to work’ having battled high temperatures and emergency stops, the cake won the competition!

Continuing on from his success Jack tried his hand at running a market pitch. With no signage or branding, armed only with a make-shift setup, Jack again sold out. Fast forward to today, Jack has a permanent pitch on Saturdays at Wapping Docklands Market, and on Sundays at Up Market in Brick Lane. Jack also spends his week keeping up with the high demand coming through his online shop.

If you find yourself craving some of Jacks delicious treats, why not head over to the website ( and order direct! ‘A brilliant catering option for any occasion’.

A final word from Jack - ‘Thank you to all those who have supported and enjoyed Jacks Bakery so far. I could not have done it without you and I hope you continue to enjoy my deliciously creative bakes in the years to come’.

Closing Question:

What does the future look like for Jacks Bakery?

The future is looking very exciting. In the short term I’m looking to increase my range on my menu even more with some delicious new additions. And in the long term I’m hoping to redevelop my kitchen somewhat so I can increase output and make even more baked goods.

Website -

Instagram - jacks.bakery

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Catch you next time subscribers!

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