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Producer Spotlight Series - S1, E4 - The Dorset Dairy Co

Welcome to the latest episode of our ‘Producer Spotlight’ series, where every other week we introduce you to one of our producers giving you an inside track on their story and ambitions.

Crib House Farm in Dorset is home to 140 free-range Holstein Frisian milking cows affectionately known by the team as, ‘the girls’. These girls are the real talent behind the business, and this weeks blog is all about The Dorset Dairy Co.

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‘It all started 65 years ago in a Dorset village called Stalbridge’. Head of operations Dan’s Grandad moved to Crib House Farm and started his small milk producing business with just 20 cows and an appetite for adventure. Dan is the third generation of the family to embrace the world of dairy farming at Crib House Farm, he started working full-time on the farm when he was 18 years old. Alex, head of Marketing, Finance, and HR (and Dans wife), was a Banker in London when she met Dan, just two years after he started working on the farm. As their relationship was growing Alex left her banking job, moved down to Devon and joined the family business; ‘she's been enjoying country life ever since’.

All The Dorset Dairy Co’s products are produced on site. On-farm processing serves two important purposes to them:

  1. Producing fresh, natural dairy products with a clear provenance.

  2. Securing a future for the farm by guaranteeing a fair, stable price for free range milk.

After years of watching the undervalued milk leave the farm in tankers, Dan started to think about ways of putting it to better use. He started experimenting with soft cheese when one day Alex brought a tub Greek yoghurt home and it was love at first spoonful for Dan. It wasn't long before he was culturing milk on the AGA in the farm kitchen and straining it through cheese cloth to achieve a thick, creamy texture. The results were an instant success with family and friends and so the idea of Dorset Strained Yoghurt was born. As sales grew, so did the amount of cream by-product and this was in turn fermented into Dorset Cultured Cream and churned into Dorset Cultured Butter. All of which are sold at Wapping Docklands Market every Saturday, along with their milk from a refillable machine.

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