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Producer Spotlight Series - S1, E5 - Chacarero

Welcome to the last episode of our ‘Producer Spotlight’ series, where every other week we’ve been introducing you to some of our incredible producers giving you an inside track on their story and ambitions.

Born out of missing their homeland, Janet and Juan launched Chacarero, a business that seeks to import the bold and exciting flavours of Argentina to their ever increasing customer base. Take it from us, their passion shines through in the quality of their food, and it’s a pleasure to share their story with you this week.

Before we begin, we’re hosting The Jazzy Market this Saturday. Come and listen, relax and enjoy Londons vibrant Jazz scene on the quayside in Wapping, we’re delighted to be hosting the Isobel Gathercole Quartet from 1pm. Finally, if you like this blog series please tell us in the comments and click the heart, and if you would like to keep up to date with all our activities in Wapping make sure you’re following our social media handles below:

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Juan and Janets story started with a craving for their Grandmothers homemade dulce de leche, something they decided to replicate in their kitchen. To their astonishment it was bang on the money, and with one spoonful they were transported back to Argentina with all their family and friends in the kitchen with them. ‘We wanted to be nearer our roots and we thought that such a traditional flavour would bring us back home at least for a moment, and we were right’. From that moment, Juan and Janet have developed an Argentinian street food business, bringing the flavours and experiences of their childhood to the streets of London. Name? Chacarero.

‘Food is such a magical way to travel’. Chacarero’s selection of homemade empanadas served from their 3x3 meter pitch will instantly transport you to Argentina, ‘at least for a moment’ as Juan put it! With the travel restrictions as they are, our Saturday quayside market in Wapping will have you tasting passionately homemade cuisine from all over the world. No quarantine, no forms, no fuss.

Such food stories I believe make us all reflect on our own culinary upbringings. On a quaint quayside in Buenos Aires, what would I be cooking up to celebrate the flavours of my childhood and British culture? Who would I miss and want to share the experience with? Food is so often seen as a formality, but it can so easily be transformed into something far more meaningful. So much of Chacarero’s story links not just to the food, but to the people they shared it with. When sharing a dinner, a lunch, a breakfast or whatever it may be, the people, the environment and the whole experience are just as important and memorable as the food itself. Even eating alone can drum up vivid memories that your mind has categorised to define a particular period of your life. Here at Zeroo this is what we truly love about food, and it’s exciting to share that passion with our producers.

Writing this blog series has been such a pleasure for us, as everyone’s story has inspired us in some way, and furthered our passion for what we do. Whether that be street food recipes sourced from the other side of the world, passionately grown and expertly monitored fruits and vegatables, or lovingly reared free range meats, it’s a pleasure for us to merely act as a gateway for talented British food businesses to sell their products.

Let’s here from the founders themselves, we asked them what the future holds for Chacarero:

‘We would love to continue sharing moments with our customers like we do in the markets but from Monday to Monday, so the ones who miss our food can approach anytime. Freshly baked empanadas and alfajores homemade style all day long, can you imagine?

We can picture a lovely Chacarero store where to receive our London family, which is growing bigger and bigger since we started a year ago.

We imagine a place where we could offer fresh products and a nice spot to sit and share stories and good moments while eating authentic food.

Anyways, for the moment we can just focus on doing things well at the markets and putting a lot of dedication in every single piece of food we provide. As we always say, the uniqueness of our food is the taste of love.’

Website -

Instagram - @chacarerolondon

Thanks for reading the last episode of our first blog series, ‘Producer Spotlights’. A special thank you to all our regular readers, we will be back with a new series very soon.

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Thanks for reading lovely subscribers, catch you at The Jazzy Market on Saturday!

I thought I would leave you with this teaser, coming soon to the Chacarero pitch…

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