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Stop selling the f***ing things!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Supermarkets are currently generating 900,000 tonnes of plastic every year. In 2019, 2.1bn plastic bags were consumed, 1.58 bn of which were so called ‘reusable’ bags for life. That’s 57 per UK household, more than one a week...

I have house shared with numerous people over the years and not one of them has ever thought twice about going to the shop and buying new plastic bags. In some cases to then just throw them in the bin... When my pals used to come round, in the olden days, they would bring in food and drinks in new plastic bags. Even plastic bottles when the glass alternative was just a fractionally higher price.

Should I be questioning them? No, tried that. Okay, maybe my delivery was poor but I’m afraid in most instances you get a banterous oh ‘shut-up mate’. You then become that person, which is a lonely place to be. In some instances, they say ‘oh yeah you’re so right its really been on my mind’. They then make no effort to change and continue their habit.

So no I don’t think telling people they’re using too much plastic is ever going to solve the wider problem. If they’re not currently conscious and aware they’re using too much with the news coverage around the subject, they don’t care. There’s 7 billion people in the world, they’ll always be one, and more realistically many billion, that disregard the health of the planet.

It’s not all lost!!! In my view, this is how we get round the problem:

  1. Education from a young age, bring up a new generation of people that have a good knowledge of the planets challenges, along with ways to contribute towards the solutions

  2. Cut off the supply so its simply not possible to purchase a plastic bag, supply alternative bags at a high enough price for the population to think twice about throwing them away

That’s how, in the world of bags, we get to a zero plastic footprint. 1-2-0, one to (2) zero. Something like that, maybe I’m onto something there...

So, Brexiteer or not, we’re out of Europe. If we want to be a front runner, an example not just to Europe but to the rest of the world, lets cut out the use of plastic bags and join such an impactful and vital global trend. Icelands already done it, the place... not the supermarket. In fact in the Guardians research rated Iceland the highest consumer of supermarket plastic. How ironic...!

Again, it’s going to take an army of businesses to take down this problem, lets get to it people!

Data - Lara Laville, Guardian article titled, ‘UK supermarkets not doing enough to cut plastic use, says report’, 26/01/2021

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