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Tantalising Taste Buds and Lockdown Haircuts...

Tantalising taste buds and lockdown haircuts? Wapping Markets got all the answers to your woes, come see us every week launching 3rd April. Remember to follow our social media at the bottom of this page and subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with all the latest news here at Zeroo. Without any further ado, see below our latest blog, enjoy!

It’s been a great start to the week here at Zeroo, securing another two traders for the fast approaching Wapping Market. I thought I would send out a blog this morning detailing some of the incredible fresh produce and street food we have lined up for you, strap in and prepare to drool...

Finest Fayre:

Ever found it hard to make a scotch egg and keep the yolk runny? Try thousands upon thousands serving over 10 markets across the capital every weekend. With many years experience on the London street food scene, Finest Fayre have been crafting juicy scotch eggs for longer than most of us can remember! Oh, and I’ve never found a hard yolk... it’s wizardry!

Let’s allow the picture to do the rest of the talking... ooooooo


Back in 2011, Gelata thought they would try out the ‘market game’. So they piled their van high from their Hackney based bakery and headed for the Kings Road Market. Set up complete, ready to trade. Two hours later they sold out, not bad for a first days trading!

‘Creating in our Hackney home, we still use only the freshest natural ingredients and only bake the treats we love the most’.

La Tua Pasta

Truly delivering on our promise to bring you the highest quality produce, we’re proud to announce La Tua Pasta have decided to widen their market portfolio to take part in our exciting new project at Wapping. Now supplying over 15 Michelin starred restaurants, it all started back in 2006 when Francesco Boggian and his wife Caroline founded the business. Ever since, La Tua Pasta have been producing delicious fresh pasta for sale in their Market Stalls as well as prestigious hotels, restaurants and caterers across the UK and abroad.

‘Over the years our company has grown but one thing hasn’t changed, our commitment to making the very best handmade fresh pasta’

On a final note, lockdown haircuts looking a bit Boris like? We delighted to say we’ve secured a mobile barber to attend Wapping Market. So come see us for your weekly shop, have lunch on the water, and get your hair cut all in one place; oh, and don‘t forget to grab a bunch of flowers for someone special!

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