• Will Cutteridge

The Earthshot Prize - A Call to Action

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

A new initiative launched by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough kickstarts a call to action on the climate crisis. Dubbed the ‘Earthshot Prize’, after the infamous ‘Moonshot’ project that successfully landed humankind on the moon 51 years ago. This eras goliath task is not to seek boundaries beyond the borders or our knowledge, but to fix, nurture and cherish what we are already a part of.

So how does it work? Every year, for the next 10 years, Prince William and Sir David Attenborough will award five initiatives a £1m prize to be reinvested into the project. This is an exciting prospect for Zeroo and other companies operating in this sector, but more importantly it will inspire future generations to construct solutions for the next 10 years. And the award could go to anyone, from a small schools local project to a global operation.

I am looking forward to following the first awards ceremony in London 2021, exciting times!

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