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Your Exciting New Market!

Good morning lovely subscribers! I hope you’re reading this blog in good health, looking forward to the exciting launch of Wapping Docklands Market on 17th April at Brussels Wharf, Wapping Wall, E1W 3SG. Remember if you enjoyed this blog please give it a like (click the heart), this really helps us promote our business and our exciting new project in Wapping. ‘Your Exciting New Market’ This weeks blog takes us on a deep dive into the inner workings of markets, and why really, everyone who can should use them for all their foodie needs! Due to another delayed blog release, I thought I would treat you to an essay. So go and grab a cuppa, this may take longer than usual.

Before we begin please follow our social media and subscribe to our mailing list to keep yourself up to date with all the latest news here at Zeroo. Links to both can be found at the bottom of this page (wappingdocklandsmarket for Wapping specific instagram). Without any further ado, please find our latest blog baloo!

‘Why should I shop in a market rather than a supermarket?’ I hear you say. Allow me to answer that very question for you below:

It’s more sustainable!

Behind the many rows of incredible fresh produce and artisan products lies a bustling sustainable micro-economy. Markets provide a low barrier to entry for small to mid sized producers who are unable to compete with the volume and low prices of large commercial farming practices, ‘the focus of food is on quality and farming practices rather than price alone’. Additionally, by cutting out the middleman and the lucrative supply chain (significantly cutting costs and increasing margin), it paves the way for passion led producers to stock sustainable, organic and healthy produce for customers; who in turn provide the money needed to sustain the producers. Happy farmers happy customers, see above photo. So a socially sustainable micro-economy, but what about environmentally?

We’ve got that covered, cutting out the supply chain significantly reduces food miles. On average food travels 1,000 miles from the point of production to retail. So how far away are our producers at Wapping Docklands Market:

Chegworth Valley - 50 miles on the nail

Fabulous Fungi - 79.3 miles

Picks Organic Farm - 128 miles

I think it’s fair to declare that a comprehensive victory, lovely jubbly!

Last point on sustainability, let’s not forget our in-house plastic extermination project setting us apart from other markets in the capital. We work with all our producers to reduce and eliminate the plastic consumed throughout their operation. It’s not always straight forward to move away from plastic within the food industry (as you’ve probably worked out). Cost, practicality and shelf life represent just a few of the many battles, a cucumber lasts 3x longer wrapped in plastic than it does unwrapped (change the world, eat more and buy more unwrapped cucumbers). We’re currently working with Gary at City Juice implimenting glass bottles across their wholesale operation, phasing out their use of plastic. These will be showcased at Wapping Docklands Market very soon!

Lots of local and niche artisan products not stocked in supermarkets!

Let’s move away from the sustainable world for now, because between you and I, it can get a bit dry! Take Jakes Boost, Toko or Food Smart as an example, all fantastic freshly made healthy produce not stocked in supermarkets. I truly believe markets provide access to the backdoor of the food industry, artisan produce that wouldn’t otherwise be available without our operation, and other operations of a similar nature. The word artisan, in my opinion is heavily overused, but I hope you can appreciate that in the context of Zeroo and our first project ‘Wapping Docklands Market’ it’s very appropriate terminology.

Let’s take Fabulous Fungi as a second example, a wonderfully soily business based in Suffolk ( You just won’t find the same eclectic range of homegrown gourmet mushrooms in your local supermarket. Unfortunately they can’t be with us for the first two weeks as they’re undergoing some drastic upgrades on the farm, and mushrooms need time to mushroom right? From May onwards we’re delighted to be hosting Stefanie and Davids diverse range of mushrooms at Wapping Docklands Market.

Develop personal relationships with our producers and farmers!

Meeting and developing personal relationships with the producers week after week is what really sparked my passion for the market industry. Particularly in London, a city not famed for its overly friendly population, markets seem to have an ability to strip away the stress of city living bringing out the best in everyone. Perhaps its all the greenery!

I personally guarantee that after consecutive weeks shopping within the market you will develop great relationships with our lovely producers, helping to paint the picture depicting the story and people behind your food. And of course, don’t forget to introduce yourself to us too!

‘Meet the Producers’ is a page that will be coming to our website at some stage over the summer, stay tuned.

It’s just much more fun!

One of the most relatable reasons why you should shop in markets is, in simple terms, they’re much more fun! Grab yourself a coffee for your walk around, gather up all your foodie needs for the week and treat yourself to a spot of lunch. Freshly seared scallops? Butchers finest burgers? Mel Tropicals vegan kitchen? Award winning pizza from Holy Pizza? A couple of cheeky pints at the eagerly anticipated Dockers Inn? Yep you read it right, The Dockers Inn will be trading in the market a whole month before they open their doors on Wapping Lane!

In short, shopping in a market is not a chore, it’s an entertaining and interactive experience. Not to mention the abundance of social and environmental benefits beavering away in the background. Remember to bring you own bags!

Is anyone still there? If you enjoyed this blog please give it a like (click the heart), this really helps us promote our business and our exciting new project in Wapping. Remember to follow our social media and subscribe to our mailing list, all of which can be found at the bottom of this page. We’re looking forward to meeting you all on the 17th April, come up and say hello! You can find my picture on the ‘meet the team’ page, a ‘giraffe like figure’ my family tell me.

Catch you soon lovely subscribers!


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